Max out the mango madness! For all mango lovers, Maxi Mango is made of our irresistibly luscious mango soft serve recipe that is filled to the brim with layers of the sweetest mangoes specially flown in from the Philippines. A refreshing mango satisfaction that will have you craving for more!

Inspired and redefined into our very own Maxi Mango twist is the Maxi Mango Graham! Originated from the classic Filipino dessert “Crema de mangga” or also known as the Filipino Ice Box cake, our Maxi Mango Graham is made to satisfy you with its fruity mango soft serve consistency layered with freshly diced mangoes and packed together with that extra graham cracker crunch to give you that delicious bite every single time.

Indulge in the addictive mouth-watering concoction of our Maxi Mango Keso! Created with a special desire to bring you a flavourful mix of the sweet and savoury all in a single dessert. Like our Signature Maxi Mango, the Maxi Mango Keso is topped off with a generous dose of cheddar cheese and graham crumble that will entice you for more.

An unforgettable choice that will have you oozing with delight is our Maxi Mango Ube! Layered and doused in purple yam sauce freshly made here in Singapore. The recipe for this purple yam sauce is unique on its own and will intrigue you when paired together with our mango soft serve and juicy mango cubes. A kind of perfection that tastes as vibrant and colourful as it looks!

If we dare say, the sweetest and most refreshing tropical fruit darlings have made its way into our recipe with our delicious Maxi Mango Coconut! A cooling dessert made up of our signature fruity, velvety mango soft serve layered with white juicy coconut flesh that will grant you that floral sweetness on top of that mango goodness you deserve.

Quench your thirst with the enjoyable Maxi Mango Shake! Blended from fresh mangoes specially imported from the Philippines, our Maxi Mango Shakes are bound to make you feel cool and refreshed at any time of the day!

A little tasty crunch in your shake can go a long way, especially with our Maxi Mango Graham Shake! Mixed and infused with graham cracker flakes, we have paired them together seamlessly to accentuate the rich sweetness of our mango shake recipe! It’s so good you’ve got to taste it to know it!